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Multidisciplinary city hospital №1
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Stroke Centre and Department of Early Rehabilitation 

A stroke is a medical condition associated with cerebral ischemia as a result of which the flow of blood to certain areas of the brain is reduced or completely stopped. It may also be caused by a torn blood vessel. 

Strokes are second on the list of causes of mortality, and top of the list of diseases that lead to disability. About 80% of people who suffer a stroke then experience disabilities, and about 25% of them require care round the clock.

If you have experienced one of the following symptoms, we urge you to contact the experts:

  • a sharp rise in blood pressure
  • headache
  • loss of consciousness
  • dizziness and unsteadiness when walking
  • speech impairment
  • weakness and numbness in the arms or legs.

The stroke centre based at Multidisciplinary city hospital №1, established on March 1 2012, provide 30 beds per 250,000 people of Almaty district of Nur-Sultan. The centre has been designed to provide medical care for patients with acute ischemia. We follow strict international standards in order to maximise the recovery of bodily functions after strokes, as well as providing treatment to help in the prevention of recurrent strokes.

The structure of the stroke centre comprises: 6 beds in an intensive care unit, an early rehabilitation department with 24 beds, and a neurosurgery department with 10 beds. The emergency service for stroke patients is delivered by a multi-skilled team consisting of physicians, neurosurgeons, rehabilitation specialists, trainers, psychiatrists, cardiologists and neurologists.

Highly qualified medical staff and modern equipment enable us to provide specialised and tertiary care.

The centre provides services within the framework of guaranteed free medical care, as well as for a fee. Tertiary care is provided free of charge.


  • Occupational Therapy - restoring the patient's independence
  • stimulation of various vital functions
  • measures for the recovery of the functions of swallowing, speech, pelvic functions
  • prevention of spasticity and restoration of mobility
  • recovery of everyday activity in life and communication
  • improving social adaptation
  • improvement of consciousness
  • improved perception
  • prevention of contractures, bedsores
  • activating care

Basic pathology requiring therapy in the centre:

  • cerebral hemorrhage
  • ischemic stroke
  • transient ischemic attack
  • vertebrobasilar insufficiency

Innovative techniques used:

  • We have introduced into our clinical practice very modern methods of treatment for ischemic strokes, the use of thrombolytic therapy, including thrombolysis during the therapeutic window of three hours from the first signs of a stroke.
  • We have also introduced rehabilitative treatment involving several medical approaches:
  • rehabilitation activities - performed by medical rehabilitation specialists (physical therapists, speech therapist, psychotherapist)
  • general medical surveillance activities and patient care
  • prevention and treatment of major neurological complications


  • highly trained medical staff
  • modern equipment
  • effective methods of treatment and prevention of diseases
  • honesty and openness
  • years of experience
  • privacy


+7 7172 51 57 02 – Information Service

+7 7172 27 20 15 – for question of planned hospitalization

+7 7172 50 62 71 – Check-up centre and consultative and diagnostic services 


Stroke Centre, 4th floor

Multidisciplinary city hospital №1, Nur-Sultan

010000, 66 R. Koshkarbaev Ave, Nur-Sultan


We believe that the main efforts and resources of the health system should be concentrated in the areas that directly concern the well-being and future of our country, with a view to achieving improved health and more able-bodied people across the entire population.


Marat K. Abduov,

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Multidisciplinary city hospital №1

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