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66 Koshkarbayev Ave,

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Multidisciplinary city hospital №1
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Department of Therapy

The Department of Therapy at Multidisciplinary city hospital №1 provides a full scope of services regarding diseases of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, etc. Our leading specialists have all been trained in leading Russian clinics.

The department has 20 beds housed in comfortable high quality two-bed wards.There is also a VIP ward for patients who have entered into a prior contractual agreement with the medical centre and have a priority in receiving service. The latter option is also available to self-accounting patients who have paid up-front for treatment.

The department provides services both within the scope of guaranteed free medical care, or for a fee. Highly specialised medical aid is free.ощи, а также на платной основе. Высокоспециализированная медицинская помощь (ВСМП) оказывается бесплатно.

Basic pathology treated in the Department of Therapy in Multidisciplinary city hospital №1:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • bronchio-pulmonary system
  • diseases of urogenital system
  • diseases of the endocrine system
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  • diseases of the liver, pancreas and biliary tract
  • rheumatologic diseases


  • highly trained medical staff
  • modern equipment
  • effective methods of treatment and prevention of diseases
  • honesty and openness
  • years of experience
  • privacy


+7 7172 51 57 02 – Information Service

+7 7172 27 20 15 – for question of planned hospitalization

+7 7172 50 62 71 – Check-up centre and consultative and diagnostic services 


Department of Therapy, 4th Floor

Multidisciplinary city hospital №1, Nur-Sultan

010000, 66 R. Koshkarbaev Ave, Nur-Sultan


We believe that the main efforts and resources of the health system should be concentrated in the areas that directly concern the well-being and future of our country, with a view to achieving improved health and more able-bodied people across the entire population.


Marat K. Abduov,

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Multidisciplinary city hospital №1

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