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Multidisciplinary city hospital №1
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The main task of the central sterilization department is to provide medical facilities with sterile medical devices, as well as continuous improvement of methods used at all stages of sterilization treatment and control at all its stages.

Sterilization of medical products in health facilities is a complex multi-stage process, consisting of several stages, each of which determines the quality of sterilization:

  • preliminary disinfection and processing of products at the places of use (in procedural, operating, dressing rooms, etc.);
  • pre-sterilization cleaning of products;
  • packaging;
  • sterilization;
  • storage and transportation to the places of use of sterile products.

CSD works 24/7.

The following functions are assigned to the CSD:

  • Reception of instruments and medical devices for the hospital.
  • Preparation of pre-sterilization cleaning (washing, drying) with subsequent setting of samples for quality.
  • Sorting, collection and packing of tools.
  • Sterilization of products using test-indicators for determining the quality of sterilization.
  • Documenting and strict accounting of goods receipt and delivery.
  • Manufacture of dressings.
  • Distribution of sterile products in the hospital.

With the goal of preventing intrahospital infections, all medical products must undergo disinfection in the departments after being used. Pre-sterilization cleaning and sterilization of products is carried out in the CSD. 

Reception of medical devices is performed strictly on schedule. We accept the instruments on the account, write it down in the "Journal of the reception of instruments from the department," put it into the marked mesh in disassembled form and load it into the washing-disinfecting machine where the cleaning, rinsing and drying of the tools is done. We strictly follow the operating instructions for the detergent-disinfecting machine .

The quality of pre-sterilization treatment is assessed by the absence of positive samples: azopiramic test for the presence of blood; phenolphthalein test-on the presence of detergent. The sample is held in a packing room on a special table. The table is equipped with reagents, gauze balls, sample trays, and a pipette.

For sampling, 1% of the lot of washed and dried instruments is taken.

With a positive reaction, the processing of the products is repeated until a negative result is obtained.

After pre-sterilization cleaning and control of its quality, the sets are collected from the operating instruments according to the list compiled by the department.

Sorting, collection and packing of medical devices is carried out in a packing room. For packaging, crepe paper, combined rolls, intended for steam and plasma sterilizers are used. When wrapping products in crepe paper, two layers are used, wrapping the product separately in each layer, fixing with a sticky indicator tape. Combined rolls are sealed with a thermo-weld method. 

The control indicator of the required mode (134 * -5 minutes and 121 * -20 minutes) is placed in all packages, bixes. The shelf life of sterile packaging of crepe paper and in bills with a filter is 20 days, in combined rolls -1 year.

The department is equipped with modern equipment for pre-sterilization cleaning and sterilization of medical devices.

  • Washing-disinfecting machines -2pcs UNICLEAN SL M 15
  • Steam sterilizers -3pcs STERIVAP
  • Plasma sterilizer -1pcs STERRAD 100NX


  • highly trained medical staff
  • modern equipment
  • effective methods of treatment and prevention of diseases
  • honesty and openness
  • years of experience
  • privacy


+7 7172 51 57 02 – Information Service

+7 7172 27 20 15 – for question of planned hospitalization

+7 7172 50 62 71 – Check-up centre and consultative and diagnostic services 


Centralized sterilization department, 2 Floor

Multidisciplinary city hospital №1, Nur-Sultan

010000, 66 R. Koshkarbaev Ave, Nur-Sultan


We believe that the main efforts and resources of the health system should be concentrated in the areas that directly concern the well-being and future of our country, with a view to achieving improved health and more able-bodied people across the entire population.


Marat K. Abduov,

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Multidisciplinary city hospital №1

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