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Multidisciplinary city hospital №1
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Check-Up Centre 

Prevention is better than cure, a proverb of importance to anybody who wants to know how to live to a ripe old age maintaining youthful energy and vitality. It is not enough to have good genes and lead a healthy lifestyle, it is important to have regular check-ups.

An excellent approach to this is our comprehensive body check-up examinations.

The main purpose of these check-ups is the detection and prevention of diseases in their early stages.

Targeted prevention, using the latest scientific and technical methods, gives the opportunity to identify the ‘weak spots’ in the complex system that is the human body. It allows medics to detect a disease at an early stage, even before it presents clinical symptoms. The disease may be hiding deep inside, and we can identify it long before it starts to develop. With the help of modern medical equipment, we obtain extensive and in-depth information about the state of your health which is carefully analysed by competent medical specialists. A treatment prescribed in good time dramatically increase the chances of a full recovery.

We will be happy if after careful examination we ease your worries with the best possible diagnosis – and give you a full bill of health!

We offer the following individual programmes of comprehensive examination:

  • The Central Nervous System
    The programme is aimed at identifying risk factors and possible causes in the development of strokes and cerebrovascular accidents.
  • The Peripheral Nervous System
    We check the condition of the peripheral nervous system and for any risks that may stem from weaknesses in the system.
  • The Cardiac Examination
    This screening programme identifies risk factors for heart disease - myocardial infarction, abdominal aortic aneurysm, hypertension, etc.
  • The Hepatology Examination
    This is a screening programme for the identification of risk factors for various diseases of the liver, including hepatitis B and C, liver cancer, fatty liver disease, vascular or metabolic liver diseases.
  • Comprehensive Check-Up for Men
    Complete examination of major organs and systems in men to identify risk factors for various diseases.
  • Comprehensive Check-Up for Women
    Complete examination of major organs and systems in women for the purpose of identifying risk factors for various diseases.
  • Men's Health
    Diagnostic examination of men at the level of the metabolism, and the endocrine and reproductive systems.
  • Women's Health
    Diagnostic examination of women, which describes the health of the reproductive system and hormonal status before a planned pregnancy.

Upon your request we are able to tailor a programme of inspection to your needs. You can select the desired Check Up programme from the list above. If your preferred method is not listed, we are able to include this in the programme.

Advantages of a comprehensive survey in our Check-Up Centre:

  • the survey will be carried out in the shortest possible time in comfortable conditions (two hours or more, depending on the programme selected)
  • each check-up is tailored to the individual
  • the programme in forms you of only what you need to know. We do not prescribe unnecessary tests and procedures 
  • our prices are justified and transparent
  • for your comfort during the check-up you will be accompanied by a medical professional

Check-up: Minimum Risk - Maximum Confidence. Low Cost - High Precision!


+7 7172 51 57 02 – Call Centre 

+7 7172 27 20 15 – for question of planned hospitalization

+7 7172 50 62 71 – Check-Up Centre and consultative and diagnostic services


010000, Nur-Sultan, 66 Koshkarbayev Ave. 

Multidisciplinary city hospital №1 of Akimat of Nur-Sultan 

Check-Up Centre, 1st floor


We believe that the main efforts and resources of the health system should be concentrated in the areas that directly concern the well-being and future of our country, with a view to achieving improved health and more able-bodied people across the entire population.


Marat K. Abduov,

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Multidisciplinary city hospital №1

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